The Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code requires milk and dairy products to undergo pasteurisation or an equivalent process to eliminate any pathogenic micro-organisms that may have been present in the milk before human consumption.
Clause 15 of Standard 4.2.4 requires milk to be pasteurised by heating to a temperature of no less than 72°C and retaining at such temperature for no less than 15 seconds; or heating, using any
other time and temperature combination of equivalent or greater lethal effect on any pathogenic micro-organisms in the milk.
Following this process the milk must be cooled immediately in a way that ensures that the growth of microbiological hazards in the milk is prevented or reduced.

Eungelladale Full Cream Milk has been pasteurised but not homogenised. Homogenisation is a process in which the milk's butterfat is emulsified, so that the cream does not separate from the milk. Eungelladale Milk is non-homogenised, so it is normal to get a layer of cream forming at the top of the bottle - Yum!

We recommend you shake the bottle before use, to evenly distribute the cream top.